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Live Music

Sinéad has been studying and performing music from early childhood and graduated in violin in 2018. She has studied jazz singing at the Palma Conservatoire and freelances with various classical and jazz ensembles when not performing at Finnegan’s. In addition to vocals and fiddle, she plays acoustic guitar and piano with the duo. 


I also studied music as a youngster and have worked as a Musician for over thirty years. I play fiddle, tenor banjo, acoustic guitar and piano and sing all the up-tempo Irish standards. I also do most of the chit-chat, with plenty of craic and banter.

Our set list (predominantly Irish but with plenty of pop, rock, country and jazz thrown in) is extensive, and audience participation and requests are welcomed. We arrange most of the songs and tunes ourselves. We are frequently joined onstage by family members Lulu and Tommy as well as a variety of guest musicians and singers.

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We also have many other musicians and artists performing, as well as guest singers. Watch out on our social media for our trad music session when the best musicians on the island gather for an acoustic jam.